Feedback – August 2013

August 2013

“The dealer was very polite and explained in full detail everything I needed to know.  As it was my first buying experience, the dealer certainly helped me a lot”.

“I was purchasing my new vehicle through Motability and found that the salesman knew everything that I asked and explained the process clearly and concisely.  He was very respectful and helpful throughout the process”.

“The dealer did very well in all fields, would recommend him.  All in all I’m completely satisfied with my purchase”.

“Very flexible due to my work commitments”.

“Felt that the salesperson gauged her communication perfectly.  Not patronising and not too complicated in her explanations and picked up on the things that are important to me (as the main purchaser) but was also able to address my husband’s questions without directing everything to him (something male sales people often do to female customers in my experience).  Generally do not enjoy the experience of buying a car, but was pleasantly surprised with this experience”.

“Communication was excellent, the Salesperson always kept me up to date on everything, I never felt anxious or worried about the process, he made it very easy and stress free.  I couldn’t have asked more of Haynes.  I felt like a valued customer and never did I once feel like they just wanted to make a purchase, the whole experience was a breeze which allowed me to get very excited about my new car!  The only thing I would mention, more on Ford’s part is the actual delivery itself, as it was meant to be ready for me to pick up the first week in July and I didn’t actually pick it up until a month later.  But again, the Salesperson was brilliant communicating the issues to me and I felt like he had it all under control and he even offered me a loan car until my one was ready due to my work commitments”.

“The member of staff was lovely.  He was very friendly and helpful.  His tone was soft and I didn’t feel pushed into buying a car from him although he was keen to make a sale.  Some sales persons can be over zealous and arrogant and make you feel uncomfortable and pressurised to buy.  I went to four Ford garages to get a good deal on my Fiesta.  Although he matched the same deal as another garage which was much closer to where I live, I wanted to buy from Maidstone as he made me feel relaxed.  He was calm, helpful and made the whole experience of purchasing a Ford effortless and calmed my anxiety.  Everything was explained slowly and simply.  I am very happy with the service from Maidstone from start to finish.  I’m looking forward to returning in three years”.

“The Salesperson was really helpful.  I only went for a test drive but when I got the quote, it was too good to turn away.  The Salesperson was patient while I phoned my boyfriend to talk everything through because it was the first time I was buying a car on my own.  The whole way through the Salesperson answered all of my questions and made sure I understood exactly what was going on.  He phoned regularly to keep me updated on the delivery status and to ensure I was happy with the car.  My sister will be visiting him in the next couple of months to buy a new car from him as we were so impressed with the service.  Similarly, my boyfriend is now looking into a Ford Kuga”.

“The Salesman was very helpful explaining all the features of the Fiesta.  We have two children and he explained the pros and cons of buying a 3 door and a 5 door model which we found very useful in helping us to make our final decision”.

“Very helpful & friendly staff”.

“I have been a customer of Haynes for a number of years and have always received excellent service”.

“From the start of entering the showroom to the collection of the car the service given by Haynes of Maidstone was excellent.  We were first time Motability customers and had no idea how the scheme worked.  The Salesman was excellent.  He sat us down, gave us refreshments and explained the whole scheme from start to finish.  He sorted everything for us with ease, he made it so stress free for us.  He was a very pleasant, polite Salesman with the patience of a saint at all our questions.  We will definitely use Haynes of Maidstone again and would like to thank the Salesman and Ford for such a wonderful service”.

“The sales person was excellent in explaining everything”.

“Everything was all very positive”.

“Excellent sales person who knew all about the range of Ford vehicles, was able to advise on the car most suitable for us, and knew every detail of the car, its features and performance.  He made sure we fully understood all about the car and the purchase procedure”.  

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